• Glenda Monge A.

Sustainable Women: The Key for a Healthy Growth

We all have been part of the gender construction that entails many stereotypes about the stuff we can do or not. One essential step to overcome those biases is to transform the structures that encourage the acquired roles through the time, providing tools and education in order to pass the differences between men and women, achieving a level of consciousness that helps people to understand that all of us must be jointly responsible for the situations we face as part of a whole in the way the Earth demands.

Currently, our society shall handle the solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions which is a document that determines the way any country is intended to do the transition to the carbon neutrality in the framework of the Paris Agreement signed in 2015 under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Taken in San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica.

At this point, we have noticed that we have three big challenges together those days: to close the gender gap by means gender focus, to achieve the SDGs and decarbonize our economies. SEE Women Latam aim is to carry out those three stakes of this century promoting a “sustainable woman” acknowledging the fact that the current development models urge a change to move towards sustainability and decreasing carbon footprint. This is how we reconsider the female role as producer, consumer, citizen and a leader by being an agent of change for a collective wellbeing and a responsible management of the resources. Increasing the female participation under this premise is our value proposition, such a gender mainstreaming for healing the trials of mother Earth.

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